June 14, 2013

I don't hate swim suit season...


I have never liked going to the store and trying on a swim suit. Having a short, curvier body type, it felt particularly challenging, and those mirrors in the dressing room seem to magnify everything! I know this is a huge struggle for my clients as well. I remember one client who had fun beach vacation planned with her friends, but it was ruined for her after she saw a picture of herself in her swimsuit. She felt fat and could not stop comparing herself to her "skinny" friends. This led her down the path of restricting her food intake, and further down the path of her eating disorder.

For many of you, it may feel inevitable that you will feel insecure, fat, or even ugly in a swimsuit, but before you start on that summer diet, please consider that there are many healthy ways to feel good and enjoy your summer. Check out this article about 5 things you can do to stop stressing about your bikini body. I especially like the body positive affirmation. When you are feeling bad, repeating these affirmation in your head can help calm you. Getting control of the critical voice in your head will be the first step to accepting your body and enjoying your summer.