August 26, 2019

How To Successfully Communicate With Your Partner + Switching To Youtube

I have been blogging for a while now. It started from a place of wanting to share information that could be helpful to people who may never walk into my office, as well as people I work with who need resources even when they are not in the therapy room. I love writing and wish I could do it more regularly, but I honestly can't keep up with it, so I decided to make some changes and try vlogging instead. It's much quicker for me to shoot a video than it is to write a blog. When things are not working in your life, it's important to be honest about it and switch course to doing something that works. I hope to be putting out video content more regularly than I have been able to blog. 

This first video is about improving communication. 

You love your partner. You don't want to fight, but your find yourself miscommuncating and arguing anyways. In this short video, I cover two easy steps you can take to start communicating better with your partner, or really with anyone in your life. 


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