November 26, 2013

Sometimes a Turkey Is Just a Turkey

Every show I heard on the radio today was about food - not surprising considering Thanksgiving is just two days away. They talked about how to cook the perfect bird, what side dishes make good accompaniments, even how to smoke tofu to give it that seasonal flavor - yuck, smoked tofu???!! 

 For many out there, all the talk of food and the idea of those piles of food on the Thanksgiving table can be a little bit unnerving. People often categorize food as good or bad. A lot of the food that will make an appearance on your dinner table this Thursday may be categorized as "bad" and become triggers for you to overeat, or to feel guilty - anything white and starchy or sweet often makes the naughty foods list.

There is a way to prevent this, to be free to enjoy your meal, and the loved ones you share it with. There is a way you can slow things down, really taste your food and realize that food is just food, neither good nor bad in and of itself. This Thanksgiving, I encourage you to slow down and learn to eat more mindfully. 

To learn to eat more mindfully, try to follow these five tips:
Eat slower
Savor the flavor
Turn off all your glowing rectangles
Pay attention to the flavor
Know your food

Read more about mindful eating in this article from registered dietitian Jenni Grover.

Happy, Healthy, Yummy Thanksgiving to you all! May your hearts be thankful and full.

November 21, 2013

Slowing down this holiday season

We are just days away from Thanksgiving, and the marathon race towards Christmas has begun. Holiday shopping, holiday parties, hosting family and a full calendar of to-do's can make this season more hectic than holy. To enjoy the holidays in a way you may not have in years, I encourage you to do two things. First, learn to say not to unnecessary commitments. It can be hard to tell someone no, but learning to set boundaries will help you keep your sanity. Second, make time to set aside to just be quiet and meditate, pray, think...whatever you need to do to slow down the hurried thoughts in your mind and create a sense of peace and order. Even 15 minutes a day of this type of meditation, can will help you feel calmer, more empathetic, and allow you to see your life more clearly and with more perspective.

November 7, 2013

Ways to prevent eating disorders in your child

I am so impressed by the love and devotion of parents who bring their children into my office to help them deal with their eating disorder struggles. It is incredibly painful to watch your child suffer, but these parents try every day to understand their kids, to support them, and to walk with them through the emotional roller coaster of their disorder. There is hope for change for these children, but my hope would be that parents never have to walk down this road in the first place. ANRED has a helpful article with tips for prevent eating disorders in children. I will be expanding on some of these points in upcoming blog posts, but remember that the good news is that parents can be proactive in creating a home environment  that fosters healthy esteem which will make their children less susceptible to eating disorders. The article discusses some of these prevention techniques.