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Free and Low Cost Counseling Resources

We know these are trying times, and Wilson Counseling wants to support you. Here are some of our free and low-cost resources.

Low-cost Counseling We have a licensed professional counseling intern, Jennifer Douglas, who is seeing clients for a low-cost fee. This option is great for those of you who are concerned about the cost of counseling. Jennifer's background working as a nurse in mental health facilities as well as her counseling background has given her a unique skill set to be able to understand both the emotional and physiological aspects of her clients. She brings this knowledge and experience in the counseling room with her. Contact Wilson Counseling to schedule an appointment.

Telehealth/virtual therapyWilson Counseling offers telemental health services, including counseling over the phone and by
secure video. These services make counseling convenient for people who may have trouble getting
to our office, those who want to avoid the commute, are concerned about health iss…
Recent posts

Why is waiting so hard? A hopeful lament.

I was asked by my church to speak on the topic of waiting for their Ash Wednesday service, a Christian holy day that precedes Easter. It is meant to be a time of meditation, of looking inward in sober self-examination before we start looking forward to the joy and celebration of Easter. Before the joy, though, comes waiting. 

I feel stuck in the waiting place
It's funny that I spoke about waiting in a theoretical context just a couple of weeks before the coronavirus forced all of us into a long, metaphorical waiting room. Sometimes it feels like we are permanently stuck in that waiting place. Have you ever been trapped on a plane that is having difficulties, and the pilot keeps coming on and saying they will take off shortly? And an hour or two later, you feel like you are going to lose it if they don't let you off the plane or the plane still doesn't take off? The months of March and April feel a little bit like being stuck on a plane with no word from the pilot and no sen…

Loneliness and the Coronavirus - Ways to Stay Connected While Social Distancing

We Are Social Creatures And We Require Human Connection
We have been social distancing for a couple of weeks and even for the introverts, it can start to feel lonely. We are social creatures. All of us. We create meaning in groups. We have identity in groups. We are tethered and grounded in our interactions with people. Right now, those things have been ripped away from us.

Even if we can't be physically near people, it does not mean we have to be in solitary confinement. That will feel like torture. In fact, it is not coincidence that they use solitary confinement as a means of punishment for prisoners. But this is not prison (though it sometimes feels like a prison of the mind). If you are feeling lonely during the coronavirus pandemic, what can you do to connect with people?

Ideas to Help You Connect While Social Distancing Zoom Party  This works for birthday parties, happy hours, trivia. You name it, it can be done over zoom, or FaceTime, or any other virtual tool made for me…

How to Get a Better Night's Sleep

If you don't sleep well, you don't feel well. Getting a good night's sleep is one of the best things you can do for your mental health. Sleep helps replenish your mind and body. It helps your mind process and figuratively hit the reset button on the stress and complications of the day. 
What does sleep do for you?  It helps in many amazing ways, such as it Helps your brain sort and process your day. This ability helps create long-term memory and sorts information for when you need it later. Sleep helps your brain learn and remember. Releases growth hormones which help you grow and help repair your body. Contributes to healthy brain functioning and emotional wellbeing.Allows your nervous system to relax. Decreases the stress hormone called cortisol. Strengthens your immune system by releasing a protein called cytokine. Cytokine help fight inflammation, infection and trauma to the body. 
What are the repercussions of not sleeping?
Your brain has trouble focusing and remembering.…

Parenting and the Coronavirus - Give Yourself Grace

As the parent who never has the color coded schedule, doesn't have a Pintrest board for what to do with my kids on rainy days, and is not the first one to sign up for that school field trip to the Renaissance Festival, I appreciated this Huffington Post article entitled, "Parents, It's Ok If You're Barely Getting By Right Now.

I love my kids and my version of loving them my way is gonna look different from how my friend does it. Have grace with yourselves, parents. We are going through some insane stuff right now.  We get scared and stressed, too. If you are showing up for your kids and loving on them the best you can, you are killing it as a parent. It is OK if you are barely getting by right now, seriously. No shame. We are all in this together.

"In this time of the coronavirus, keep your kids safe, make them feel loved and feed them. That’s all."

For more parenting tips, please check out our Wilson Counseling Facebook page.

If you are struggling during t…

Wilson Counseling Offers Online Therapy | Video Counseling

Don't let drive time, physical or medical conditions, concerns about privacy, anxiety about coming into the office, or anything else keep you from reaching your goals, making changes in your life,  and starting to feel better.

Wilson Counseling offers telemental health services, including counseling over the phone and by secure video.
These services make counseling convenient for people who may have trouble getting to our office. Distance
counseling is offered for legal residents of Texas, not just those in the Houston area. 

All video sessions are conducted on a secure HIPPA compliant website. Video-based counseling outcomes have
been shown to be as good as face-to-face counseling sessions, and some clients find they are more comfortable
opening up in this setting. 

Watch this video to see if video counseling is right for you. 

Benefits of Online Counseling

Increased confidential and anonymity You have online counseling sessions from the privacy of your home or wherever you have a compu…

Worried about the Coronavirus? 5 Tips For Feeling Less Anxious

If you are tuned into the news, you are hearing about the coronavirus, repeatedly. And you may be starting to feel anxious about possible outbreaks. Your fear is understandable, but it may not be helpful. As with everything, you actually have a lot of control over how you feel. You just need the right tools to keep your anxiety in check.

So before you go into pandemic panic, there are a few things that will help. 
1. Get accurate information
First, get accurate information about the virus. Not everything you read is accurate. The CDC is always a reliable source for information. You can read about common myths and facts about the virus on their website. A friend of mine shared this post and I found it really put things in perspective for me. 
2. Turn off the news & social media
Second, spend less time watching the news and reading social media posts about the virus. The more time you spend pondering the virus, the more panicked you are likely to feel. It will keep your mind stuck …