January 25, 2018

Encouragement Quotes From Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.

Last week we celebrated the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. He is inspiring for many reasons. One of the things I personally find the most inspiring is that he devoted his life to something--civil rights--even though it was incredibly hard and even dangerous. In the end, he paid the ultimate price, his life, but his legacy has has brought our society one step closer to the promises of our democracy. 

You may not be trying to change the entire course of our country, but you do have hard things in your life that you want to accomplish. Nothing worthwhile was ever done without hard work, persistence, thought, and time. And everything important thing worth doing will be met with resistance. Fight through that resistance, fight the people who criticize, persist in the things that matter. You will always feel stronger when you do hard things. 

Here are some quotes from MLK to encourage you in your journey as you try to make changes and take charge of your life. I hope you will be as inspired and as encouraged as I have been by Dr. King. Every time I listen to  his I have a dream speech, I am stopped in my tracks.

I recommend you read these quotes, and if one speaks to you, write it down, put it on your phone, pin it to your mirror, and then repeat it to yourself in the quiet of the morning or the darkness of the night. Use it like a mantra to guide and encourage you when you feel frustrated and want to give up on something. 

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January 16, 2018

How Stress Affects Your Brain

I came across this video the other day talking about how stress affects your brain. If you have ever wondered how stress affects your brain I would recommend you check it out.

One of the most proven ways to deal with stress is through meditation. If you have been interested in meditating but need some help getting started or staying on schedule I recommend you use a meditation app like headspace. They are having a 40% off discount that you can take advantage of or use the free version.

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