October 26, 2016

Eating Disorders in the Elderly

Houston dietitian Amanda Holben was interviewed on the NPR radio show Houston Matters about eating disorders in the elderly. You can listen to the interview here:


October 25, 2016

Is Body Tolerance Realistic?

I hate my body

How do you go from hating your body to not only accepting it but feeling more alive in it? Is that even a realistic or worthwhile goal? Can you imagine looking at the loose skin on your stomach, stretched from carrying children, or the cellulite on the back of your thighs, or the dark circles under your eyes made worse by nights of worry and thinking that your body is acceptable, even sometimes beautiful and miraculous? Are you just wasting your time even trying?

Hate -----> Tolerate ----> Liberate

In this video Dr. Jennifer Kreatsoulas proposes there are three stages in being liberated from body hate: HATE, TOLERATE, LIBERATE. This does not mean you always love your body, but you can learn to "neutralize the charge of hate, feel your mind quiet down, and feel more in sync with your body."

Neutralize body negativity

Kreatsoulas discusses how the use of yoga can get you closer to that place of tolerance and liberation. It is not a once-and-done experience, though. We must learn to go back again and again to neutralize the negativity whenever it tries to pop up. We have to become more accepting before we can appreciate and make peace with the particular body we are given.