August 23, 2016

Curvy is beautiful, too!

Are you trying to reach a biologically impossible ideal?

Being bombarded with media images of the "ideal" (read thin) body shape, it is hard not to start believing there is only one type of beauty. One of the obvious problems with that is that most of us don't have bodies like the women who grace the covers of magazines. The natural comparisons, however, cause us to feel dissatisfied and down about our bodies and to pursue biologically impossible ideals we can never reach. 

Your body is a masterpiece: strong, functional and uniquely beautiful!

I wanted to post some pictures of curvier women whom I think are beautiful to balance out the images that are probably thrown at you from tv, the movies, social media, and hollywood. Thin can be beautiful, and curvy can be beautiful, too. The important things is to learn to embrace and enjoy the body you were given. It is a complex masterpiece. 

Take a look at each of these women and pay particular attention to what it is that makes them beautiful. Each one has features that are unique and lovely.

Any of you who watch the tv show Girls know that Lena Dunham has chosen to put her average girl body front and center on the screen. Though I could do without some of the nudity, I appreciate that she is showcasing a sense of comfort with her body and normalizing a more reasonable standard of what many women's bodies actually look like. 

Mirror mirror on the wall...

Now take a look at yourself in the mirror and pick three things about your body that you are thankful for. Throughout the day, as you look in the mirror, or just go about your day, think about those features you like and express gratitude for them. We have spent enough time thinking about the thing we don't like; now is the time to think about what a beautiful creation we are. 

Tara Lynn

Jennifer Buckingham

August 2, 2016

What do your cravings mean?

We all have cravings. Salty, fatty and sweet foods tend to top the list of foods we crave. Have you ever considered what your body might be communicating to you with cravings?

Your body is smart, so stop ignoring it

In a previous guest post  about learning to trust your body and its cravings, Courtney Wyckoff from momma pointed out that "Your body knows what it needs to survive. Every second, every day, its incredible web of communication and its interconnected system is in a constant pursuit of equilibrium. So when it comes to eating, it calls upon emotions and sensations at times to get the nutrients it needs." For example, when your body craves salt, it might be because your adrenal system is out of balance due to stress in your life, and salt can actually help heal that imbalance.

I like to imagine that your cravings are similar to the signs we see on the highway which warn of us of wrecks and slow downs up ahead. We can ignore them, but it is not in our best interest. Heeding the signs can help us adjust our plans, so we can get where we want to be. Learn to listen to and trust the signs from your body. Ignore them at your own peril.

Cravings 101: The cheatsheet 

Courtney put together the handy guide below to help you understand and respond to your cravings in a healthier way. Apologies if the graphic is not particularly clear; I couldn't figure out how to improve the image. But the content is very helpful.