September 11, 2013

Retract the Distractions In Your Life

Today is a busy day. You know you have a lot to get done and not enough time to do it all. You start your work day with a quick read of the e-mails in your inbox, but that quick read soon leads down a rabbit trail of distractions. Your friend sent out and e-mail with a video link to some music video about a fox on YouTube. You know you should watch it later, but curiosity has got you... Three minutes and 45 amusing seconds later you chide yourself for the distraction and try to get back to work - if you can divert yourself from the other string of amusing videos, facebook updates, e-mails and articles that are cluttering up your inbox and your mind. There are so many things competing for your time. So, how can you stay on track?

First, start by managing the distractions in your life. Review your day and prioritize what is critical to get done that day. It often helps to make a written list. Say no to things that are not a priority. Saying no will allow you to say yes to something more important.

Second, leave some down time in your day. There will inevitably be something that comes up in the day you have not considered. If you leave some scheduled down time, it will give you wiggle room to deal with those things without feeling so stressed out.

Finally, forget doing everything perfectly. Perfectionism can be a huge distraction in and of itself because it will slow you down, and even stop you from getting started on your to-do's. Cut yourself some slack and learn to be okay with doing the best you can and then moving on to the next thing you have to do.

Then, when you have completed the most important things on your list, take a little time to reward yourself - a nice cup of tea, doing your nails, a few minutes on your favorite blog, whatever feels relaxing to you. It is the perfect way to unwind and get you ready for the rest of your day!

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  1. I never did finish your post. Got distracted by the fox. Sheesh.