January 3, 2015

Be Yourself to the Happy End


Sometimes I like to pass along things that I find inspiring. If you have spent time with me, you know I encourage people to learn to live authentically and to embrace and celebrate the person they were created to be. Researchers who study happiness consistently have found that people who live authentically are more likely to experience happiness and feel a general sense of wellbeing. When I talk about living authentically, I am talking about living in line with your values, ideals, sensibilities, creative instincts, etc.


I recently watched a documentary entitled Advanced Style. "Advanced style" It is a term used by photographer/blogger Ari Seth Cohen about the stylish older women whom he photographs. The pictures on this post are from the women in the documentary or from the blog of the same title. These are women in their late 50's to 90's. 

In our society, we have so few images of beautiful older women that come through the media. Reading fashion magazines, you might get the impression that fashion and beauty are things relegated only to 20-somethings with a thigh gap. And that is what makes the voice in Advanced Style so fresh and inspiring. These are creative, beautiful, fun women who are being authentic to themselves right through to the end of their lives.


There is a particularly colorful 91-year-old in the documentary. She has a shock of red hair and homemade false red mega eyelashes to match. She talks about how at her age she no longer has anything to prove to anybody else. She is really enjoying this stage of her life because she can live it fully, authentically, one moment at a time because every day is a gift. It may have taken her a lifetime to figure this out, but I hope we can learn from her wisdom and start to live that way today.


I realize that some people might dismiss the outfits or even these women as being silly or frivolous, but I am thankful for the courage it takes for them to be themselves. I am thankful for images that remind us that you can still be creative, beautiful, fabulous, outrageous, and even edgy well into your 90's. I am thankful that beauty comes in so many different ages, sizes, colors and packages!

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