February 25, 2016

New audio resource to cope with stress and depression--now available from Wilson Counseling!

Who Wouldn't Want Less Stress?

It has been incredibly gratifying to see my clients go from being anxious and depressed to hopeful, joyful and resilient. There are many simple yet powerful techniques that seemed to work over and over. After years of teaching these techniques to clients, a colleague and I decided to record them so that more people could have access to them outside of therapy sessions. The audio recording is entitled "6 Keys to Conquering Stress, Anxiety and Depression: Learn to Thrive, Not Just Survive."

Learn to Start Taking Control of Your Own Life

In the audio you will learn to •      Calm your mind and body •      Decrease your stress and increase your productivity •    Deal with difficult people  •     Increase your confidence •   Get rid of the dark cloud of depression In short, you will learn to thrive in your life. 

Bring the Therapist's Voice Into the Comfort of Your Living Room 

A lot of clients have remarked that it has been helpful to have a recording of my voice walking them through the things we work on in sessions such as deep breathing exercises. If you think this will be helpful to you, I encourage you to get get my new audio book which is available on my website at www.wilsoncounseling.org.I am really excited to share this! 
If you would like help dealing with anxiety or depression, talking to a Houston therapist can also be extremely beneficial. For questions about this, please contact Nancy Wilson at nancy @ wilsoncounseling.org or by phone at 713 - 591 - 3612.

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