May 19, 2017

Children and Eating - Developing Non-Disordered Eating Habits

As an eating disorder therapist, I get a lot of questions from parents about how to feed children and how to prevent eating disorders. A great resource for answering some of these questions is the Ellyn Satyr Institute. Ellyn Satyr is a Dietitian and Family Therapist and is recognized as a leading expert when it comes to issues related to eating and food.

I strongly recommend her website if you want answers to questions like these:

How do you handle a picky eater?
What feeding errors can make your child too thin?
Should you worry about your child's weight?
How do you raise a child who is a joy to feed?
What can you do about a child who does not eat fruits and vegetable?
How can you raise children who trust themselves and their bodies?
What is the role of the parent/child in terms of aiding feeding and exercise?

If you are concerned that your child's eating issues are more serious and might indicate an eating disorder, I recommend talking to an eating disorder specialist. At Wilson Counseling, we can help you determine the best course of treatment for your children if they are struggling with disordered eating or body image issues.

You can call our Houston Counselors at 713 - 591 - 3612, email at nancy @ wilsoncounseling. org or visit our website at www. wilsoncounseling. org to find out more.

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