September 19, 2018

Feeling sad? Let the music heal you.

Sometimes the darkness feels closer than the light. Sometimes the depressive voice in your head is loud and persistent and convincing. Sometimes when you compare the sad, tough moments in your life and the happy joyful moments, it feels like the hard moments win out. Sometimes you feel alone and misunderstood. And in those times, you can wonder if life is worth it. 

Your mind can play tricks on you and make you feel that things will never get better, when, in truth, it almost always will. 

What can you do to break the spell and start to feel hopeful again? Lots of things, but today I want to suggest you plug in to the power of music to open you up and give you hope. Get on YouTube or Spotify and find some of your favorite songs. They can be sad songs or more upbeat ones.

An artist whose music I have been appreciating lately is Milck. I first heard her when listening to the NPR Podcast All Songs Considered. They played the song "Black Sheep." It is a song about someone who feels alienated,  alone and stuck, a black sheep. For me, when I listen to it, I feel both the sadness and hope all at the same time. My favorite line is 

"Every warrior grows from her battles and scars. "

I love the image of the female warrior, battered and bruised and yet strengthened by her struggles. That gives me hope that whatever I am going through makes me stronger. And to take it a step further than the song does, that the strength I have from my battles will equip me to love and serve and care for others who are in the thick of the battle. This idea is fortifying to me. 

Feel the healing balm of hope through music

Sit back, close your eyes and turn up the volume on this. Take it in. Feel the healing balm of hope through music. Sometimes art can pierce the brokenness when other things can't. I have hit the repeat button on this song more times than I can count,  and I love it every time. 

And after you listen to "Black Sheep", try listening to this redemptive, joyful song, also by Milck, "Oh My My (What a Life)," about falling in love, growing up, and being surprised by happiness. Milck's smile and laughter in this video feel contagious. I love those moments when you catch yourself feeling happy and connected and content. Open yourself to be mindful of these small moments of joy and you might find they are happening more often than you think. 

Whatever your favorite songs are, play them today. Give yourself permission to sit and do nothing but be with the music. Notice how it affects your mood. Give thanks for the gift of song. 

What songs do you like to listen to when you are sad or happy?

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