December 18, 2013

Shut down fat talk

I came across this video from the makers of Special K about women using "fat talk." According to the video, 93% of women use derogatory terms, or "fat talk" to describe their bodies. For example, they might say something such as "I look like a fat cow in this outfit."  Words are powerful. When you use "fat talk," it impacts how you feel about yourself. One of women in the video equated it with bullying. Can you imagine what a lifetime of this talk has done to your self-esteem?

This week, pay attention to the thoughts and words you use when thinking about your physical body. Write down any negative self-talk. Then next to the negative words, write down a rebuttal or a positive comment about your body. Sometimes it helps if you think about what you would say to a friend who was criticizing themselves. Battle your inner critic. Be vigilant about not allowing yourself to use bullying, degrading terms about your body. 

By the way, my inclusion of this video is not an endorsement of Special K, or their other campaigns and emphasis on weight loss. I always advocate that people focus on being healthy (emotionally and nutritionally) and not focus on simply losing weight. Some of the least physically healthy people I know are actually quite thin. However, I do think the video shares some important insights that can help all of us learn to be more accepting of ourselves and less accepting of that bullying voice that tears you down for perceived flaws in your body.

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